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Polka dots, stripes and curves. Earth, energy, and color. Most of my current work is influenced by modern artists of the 20th century. From Gene Davis’s stripes, to the geometric forms of the Bauhaus and Suprematism artists, I seek to embrace this aesthetic with functional pottery.


Most of my work is slab built using tan speckled stoneware. Many of the pieces are hand painted with underglazes so that each kiln opening is filled with an abundance of color. Trying to enhance every day with something useful and beautiful guides my work and hopefully brings joy to others.

I took my first pottery class in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1979. Over the years, wherever I lived and worked, I sought out a local pottery studio so that I could continue to learn and create pots. Now, I am fortunate to spend many uninterrupted hours working in my home studio.

My work is sold in a number in a number of galleries in the DC metro area and the Philadelphia Art Museum Store. I have participated in a number of national, regional, and local shows, including the 2021 American Craft Council Baltimore Week Virtual Show, CraftBoston 2021, the James Renwick Alliance Holiday Show since 2016, and the Glen Echo Park Holiday Show since 2008. I will be participating in the 2022 American Craft Council Baltimore Show.