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     Pam took her first pottery class in 1979 when she moved from Massachusetts to Michigan to work as an engineer.  At first, it was a way to meet new friends.  Soon, it became a passion.   

     When Pam returned to the east coast for law school, she continued to make pottery, working at a community studio in Connecticut during the school year and also in Massachusetts during two summers working in Boston.  After law school, she spent countless late night hours throwing pots while listening to taped lectures in preparation for taking the Connecticut Bar Exam. 

     In 1984, Pam moved to the DC area with her husband to obtain a graduate law degree and then worked as an attorney in DC for 15 years.  At this point, Pam decided to devote her time to raising her three incredible children, which also permitted her to recommit to her passion for making pottery. Now, she is fortunate to be able to spend many uninterrupted hours working in her home studio.

‚Äč      Pam works with high-fire stoneware, using a variety of glaze colors, and often combinations of colors, so that she can expect the unexpected in each kiln opening.  Most of her work is glaze fired in an electric kiln. Sometimes she participates in raku and wood firings.